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Lynette Wallworth at White Light Festival

31 October - 13 November 2011
Duality of Light US premiere
White Light Festival
Lincoln Center for Performing Arts
New York City, US

Inspired by the interior spaces of the Preah Khan temple in Cambodia, Duality of Light is the last in a trilogy of immersive installations by the artist that investigate the power of the human spirit.

Duality of Light leads visitors along a dark, sound-enhanced passage toward an unsettling encounter in the heart of the space. By utilising the most recent technological tools in interaction and immersion, Duality of Light creates a truly unique experience.

This work follows Invisible by Night (2004) which premiered at the Mostly Mozart Festival held at the Lincoln Center in 2008, and Evolution of Fearlessness (2006).

Wallworth’s work surrounds the relationships between ourselves and nature, about how we are made up of our physical and biological environments, even as we re-make the world through our activities. The activation of the work by the viewer becomes a metaphor for our connectedness within biological, social and ecological systems.

To find out more about the festival, watch a video here

Originally commissioned by Adelaide Film Festival Investment Fund (2009)

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