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Victoria / Josse De Pauw – Übung

Children playing at being adult – touching or utterly chilling? This story of bourgeois life takes on an unsettling quality when the entire account is conveyed by children.

A black and white film rolls, silently. In a country house, friends have gathered for a sumptuous meal. As the alcohol flows, small talk is soon discarded and the party becomes recklessly indiscreet.

On stage, six children watch. They imitate the grown-ups, skilfully synchronising their dialogue. They have learned by heart what the adults say and how they behave. Are they practising for adult life or ironically mimicking the adults?

Übung is a groundbreaking and razor-sharp production by Victoria, the multi-disciplinary Belgian production house for all generations that has gained international fame over recent years working in collaboration with Alain Platel and Jérôme Bel. Josse de Pauw is a leading Flemish writer, actor and director for theatre and film.

Tour dates

18 – 20 Oct 02 | Robin Howard Dance Theatre at The Place, London, UK
30 – 31 Oct 02 | Waterfront NTL Studio, Belfast, UK
02 Nov 02 | Contact Theatre, Manchester, UK
08, 10, 11 Nov 02 | Tramway, Glasgow, UK

Produced by Forma
Funded by The Arts Council of England and by the Government of Flanders

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